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10 November

Personal Assistants

Errands, Projects, Events

“Making Life on the East Side…Easier!!


The Connected Concierge is the perfect solution for:

  • The busy professional couple or individual
  • The savvy socialite running from one event to another
  • The family or individual who has just moved to our great city
  • The mature adult or senior who needs assistance with their errands
  • New moms
  • Anyone who admits that they either can’t or don’t want to do it all!

The Connected Concierge is the perfect and most affordable answer to the help that you need with your everyday errands, projects and events!  If you are searching for more balance in your life and less stress, we are here to connect with you and to help you in the most professional, efficient and confidential manner possible. 

As a superbly task oriented team we are here to serve you so that you can relax knowing that your errand, project or event is in the best hands.  Whether you have a small job or a tall task, we will complete it to your satisfaction and absolute approval!


We look forward to “Connecting” with you!

Maura O’Hara Kehoe, Owner



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